Vote NO on ACA-13, ACA-1 & AB-151

Tell Damon Connolly & Mike McGuire:
Vote NO on ACA-13, ACA-1 & AB-151

WE NEED YOUR HELP NOW! The California legislature is about to light a three alarm fire that will torch the financial future of California’s taxpayers and businesses.  Rather than reducing unsustainable public expenditures and pension liabilities in response to huge deficits, Sacramento is continuing business as usual while INCREASING the funds flow to special interests.  YOU will pay for this with a historic and continual surge in additional taxes starting in 2025 and likely continuing in almost every subsequent election.  The vehicle for this:  Enacting ACA-1 and ACA-13, which lower the hurdle to pass new taxes.   This is a critical juncture — a potential turning point — with  ACA-1 and ACA-13 frontally attacking taxpayer protections and taking the boldest steps so far toward dismantling Proposition 13. Key votes in the legislature could come as soon as TODAY!  Demand that our “representatives” Assembly Member Damon Connolly and Senator Mike McGuire stop kowtowing to special interests and represent US by voting NO on ACA-1, ACA-13 and AB-151. 
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Mike McGuire (916) 651-4002

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NO on ACA-13
ACA-13 is a devious attempt to stop the Taxpayer Protection and Government Accountability Act from passing when it’s on the ballot in November 2024. The TPGA is a constitutional amendment spearheaded by Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association.  It will restore the 2/3 vote required to pass many local taxes (which was eroded to 50% by a legally-sanctioned workaround) and strengthen requirements that all new taxes be subject to voter approval of a truthfully-worded ballot measure.  ACA-13 makes it harder to pass citizen initiatives and is surgically crafted to tank the TPGA by raising the hurdle to a two-thirds vote to pass, instead of the simple majority vote that has been required for all other constitutional amendments.  CalMatters slammed ACA-13 as part of a broad anti-democratic effort to undermine citizen initiatives.   If passed by the legislature, ACA-13 would be on the March 2024 ballot, in time to raise the hurdle for voters to pass the TPGA in the November 2024 election.

NO on ACA 1 
ACA-1 is a direct attack on Proposition 13 that would remove the taxpayer protection of the two-thirds vote of the electorate required to pass local special taxes. Under ACA-1. local taxes and bonds that help fund “infrastructure” and public housing would pass with just 55% of the vote instead of the current 66.67%.  We believe that local governments will view the infrastructure clause as lowering the threshold for passage of most multi-purpose tax measures.  ACA-1 makes it much easier to raise taxes.  Your taxes will likely go up after every election.  Connolly says he plans to vote YES.  Let’s see if a flood of your calls to his office and McGuire’s prompts a rethink.

NO on AB-151
California’s state prison guards already receive salary and pensions significantly greater than any other state.  AB-151 will further boost the outlay to this special interest group whose political contributions apparently yield greater clout than that of ordinary citizens.  This would result in over $1 billion (!) in additional spending over the next three years.  With state spending already vastly exceeding tax revenues, tell our State Senator Mike McGuire to vote NO.  Unfortunately, this bill already passed the Assembly, with Connolly voting YES.

Vote NO on ACA-13, ACA-1 & AB-151