Co$T Announces Current Accomplishments and Future Goals

In 2021, CO$T is gearing up for growth, building on our 2020 successes in helping Marin taxpayers and ratepayers. We’ll be significantly augmenting our leadership team, taking on more projects, and keeping you better informed.

For next-stage success, CO$T needs YOUR financial support to fund improved software, communications platforms and administrative efficiency. Please contribute what you can. There are lots of options on our donate page including a Donate Now PayPal button as well as instructions for checks, appreciated stock, and donor advised funds. Some of the giving opportunities are tax deductible. Read More Here

Learn Before You Vote! CO$T Zoom Forum on Prop 15 September 28, 2020

As part of its educational mission, the Coalition of Sensible Taxpayers Foundation is pleased to invite you to a Zoom forum featuring a moderated discussion between a leading advocate FOR and a leading opponent AGAINST Proposition 15.

This ballot initiative, commonly referred to as split roll, proposes the most significant change to California’s property tax code in a generation. It promises to significantly increase funding for public schools, community colleges, and local governments by raising the tax assessment on most commercial and industrial properties.

This constitutional amendment is strongly backed by education advocates, municipalities, and public employee unions; it’s equally strongly opposed by the business lobby, and taxpayer advocates focused on protecting Proposition 13.


CO$T Begins Class Action Against MMWD

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CO$T aggressively fights unfair tax/fee practices, including:
Special off-cycle elections designed to limit voter turnout for controversial tax measures
Language intended to mislead taxpayer-voters about factors prompting tax/fee hikes, what they’ll be used for and how much they will cost.

We sunlight excessive and/or hidden fees that you don’t get to vote on: Franchise fees (on refuse, cable, and utilities), water, and sewer rates.

CO$T aims to:

1. Keep local taxes and fees on housing and basic services affordable.
2. Encourage officials to prioritize spending on the uses most important to taxpayers.
3. Improve transparency and fiscal responsibility at local agencies and districts.
4. Educate taxpayers about the cost and use of their local taxes and fees.
5. Urge that tax measures be fair, equitable, and approved by those who will be paying.

CO$T’s activities include:

1. Host non-partisan public meetings about local tax policies and the options.
2. Inform voters about proposed new and renewed taxes and fees.
3. Research whether new taxes and fees are necessary and how they will be used.
4. Investigate cost-effective alternatives to higher taxes and fees.
5. Guide local officials on which tax and spending proposals voters would favor.
6. Serve as Taxpayer Representative on district Citizen Oversight Committees.

CO$T is an all-volunteer organization led by our Board of Directors. Our Advisory Group gives periodic guidance and assistance on projects. We email alerts on issues and developments to followers who sign up to receive our communications.