Learn Before You Vote! CO$T Zoom Forum on Prop 15, September 28, 2020

As part of its educational mission, the Coalition of Sensible Taxpayers Foundation is pleased to invite you to a Zoom forum featuring a moderated discussion between a leading advocate FOR and a leading opponent AGAINST Proposition 15.

This ballot initiative, commonly referred to as split roll, proposes the most significant change to California’s property tax code in a generation. It promises to significantly increase funding for public schools, community colleges, and local governments by raising the tax assessment on most commercial and industrial properties.

This constitutional amendment is strongly backed by education advocates, municipalities, and public employee unions; it’s equally strongly opposed by the business lobby, and taxpayer advocates focused on protecting Proposition 13.

If passed, Prop 15 taxes most non-agricultural business properties based on current market value, instead of the purchase price. California’s Legislative Analyst estimates that Prop 15 will provide $6.5- $11.5 billion in increased funding to local governments and schools. However, there are widespread concerns it will negatively impact California businesses and raise the cost of living. Political columnist Dan Walters (keynote speaker at CO$T’s 2019 Fall Forum) delineates the big stakes: most notably, Prop 15 is a proxy battle testing whether Prop 13 is still untouchable. Recent polling suggests a very close contest.

Who: Representing the YES campaign will be Ben Grieff, Campaign Director for Evolve California, where he’s led a seven-year effort to increase public school funding by amending Proposition 13. Tino Rossi is the Coalition Director for the campaign to defeat Prop 15: the most powerful players in this diverse coalition include businesses of all sizes and taxpayer advocates such as the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association and CalTax.

CO$T President Mimi Willard will moderate.

The two campaign heads will also answer audience questions submitted during the webinar through Zoom’s Q /A

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