Mill Valley City Council Candidate Forum
Zoom Q&A Webinar
7PM Thursday February 9

Featuring Both Candidates for an Open Council Seat:
Susan Gladwin and Caroline Joachim

Moderated by Dick Spotswood, Marin IJ Political Columnist
Doug Kelly, Master of Ceremonies and Time Keeper.
Organized and Hosted by CO$T

The Coalition of Sensible Taxpayers invites you to an
MMWD Candidates Zoom Forum

4-5:30pm | Monday, October 10

November 2022 is the most important Marin Water board election in a generation. The District faces critical decisions after narrowly escaping running out of water in June 2022 (the subject of a June 2022 Marin Civil Grand Jury report). CO$T is hosting an impartially-moderated MMWD Candidate Zoom webinar that provides an outstanding opportunity to learn about the candidates vying for seats on the District board. Three of the five director seats are up for grabs.

The outcome of this election has very important implications for the future of Marin’s water supply, policy and rates, as well as the management of the watershed (with implications for biodiversity, wildfire, and recreation). This impartial forum is moderated by the Marin IJ’s political columnist, Dick Spotswood, with the Marin Coalition’s Scott Pinsky helping select questions. Attendees may submit questions when they register and during the forum. The webinar will proceed in by division. Candidates participating in the webinar and the rough timeline is as follows:

Jack Gibson & Matt SamsonDivision I
(Sleepy Hollow; North San Rafael)
4:00-4:30PM approximately

Larry Bragman, Jack Kenney & Ranjiv KhushDivision III
(Ross Valley)
4:30-5:15PM approximately

Jed SmithDivision IV (Mill Valley; Sausalito)
Shana Katzman declined our invitation
5:15-5:30PM approximately

Find out in which Division you live: Division Map

Learn the Candidates’ Plans to
Address Key Decisions Facing MMWD

Drought & Sufficient Water Supply
Wildfire & Vegetation Management
Affordable Rates
Aging Infrastructure
Recreational Access
Biodiversity & Species Protection

Assess Whether Their Plans Align with Yours!

The Coalition of Sensible Taxpayers
Assembly Candidates Zoom Forum

12 pm | Thursday, September 29

This is an excellent opportunity to learn about the two candidates on the November 2022 ballot who are vying to represent District 10 — Marin and southern Sonoma — in the California State Assembly. Current Marin Supervisor Damon Connolly and California Coastal Commissioner Sara Aminzadeh are in a runoff, having finished as the top two vote-getters in the June 2022 primary. This impartial forum is moderated by the Marin IJ’s political columnist, Dick Spotswood. Attendees may submit questions when they register and during the forum.

Be smart! Get educated before you vote.

This is a too close to call election, thanks to current Assembly Member Marc Levine’s retirement. Whoever wins might serve for up to 12 years, given the power of incumbency and California law allowing Assembly Members to serve up to 6 two-year terms.

Learn the Candidates’ Plans to
Address Key Challenges Facing California

Cost of Living
Environment & Climate Change
Business Environment
Public Health and Safety

Assess Whether Their Plans Align with Yours!

MMWD 10/15/21 Board Retreat Examined Water Supply Options

Link to powerpoint slides here

CO$T Videotaped the Entire Meeting Because the Water District Didn’t

IMPORTANT WEBINAR VIDEO: Help Pry California from Special Interests’ Grip!

Special interests’ money gets state and local politicians elected. They get what they pay for. We get runaway expenditures, higher taxes and declining services.

David CraneGovern for California GFC President David Crane — public policy expert and good governance advocate – is leading a masterly campaign to get California off this unsustainable trajectory and our politicians back to representing the public interest. GFC is levelling the playing field by putting serious money behind responsible candidates and advancing its own legislative initiatives that put ordinary Californians’ interests first. Crane is an authority on government finance, accounting, pension liability, and how the sausage gets made in Sacramento.

CO$T Zoom Forum on Prop 15 September 28, 2020

As part of its educational mission, the Coalition of Sensible Taxpayers Foundation is pleased to invite you to a Zoom forum featuring a moderated discussion between a leading advocate FOR and a leading opponent AGAINST Proposition 15.

This ballot initiative, commonly referred to as split roll, proposes the most significant change to California’s property tax code in a generation. It promises to significantly increase funding for public schools, community colleges, and local governments by raising the tax assessment on most commercial and industrial properties.

This constitutional amendment is strongly backed by education advocates, municipalities, and public employee unions; it’s equally strongly opposed by the business lobby, and taxpayer advocates focused on protecting Proposition 13.

Coalition of Sensible Taxpayers’ 2019 Fall Forum

“Dollars and Sense”
…Is Another Tax Increase Cycle on the Horizon?

Featuring Guest Speaker:
Preeminent California Political Watchdog Journalist
Dan Walters of CalMatters

Mimi Willard on the Charlie Siler Show, July 2, 2019

Mimi Willard Addresses Meeting of Marin Rental Property Association – June 25, 2019

Power Point Download Here

Marin Municipal Water District Meeting April 17, 2019

MMWD Meeting on Rate Increase March 19, 2019

Marin Municipal Water District Board meeting on rate increase of March 19, 2019. Posted by CO$T Marin.

Coalition of Sensible Taxpayers Fall 2018 Forum

“What They Don’t Want You to Know”
About taxes, pensions, public education and services

Featuring Guest Speaker
David Crane, President, Govern for California

Marin DA Debate

The Coalition of Sensible Taxpayers hosted a public debate featuring the candidates running for Marin County District Attorney in the June 5th primary election. This is an important vote, as the DA — who leads the County’s staff of criminal prosecutors – has historically been reelected for multiple terms.

All three candidates — AJ Brady, Lori Frugoli and Anna Pletcher – participated in the CO$T-sponsored May 3 event, which was expertly moderated by the CA bar’s Exec Director. Click below for a video replay of the DA debate.

Cut Services or Increase Taxes

Marin Coalition April 4, 2018

CO$T Forum on Taxes

The Coalition of Sensible Taxpayers’ (CO$T) Public Event
Guest Speaker: California’s Preeminent Taxpayer Rights Advocate
Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association President, Jon Coupal

New and increased taxes – and recent events eroding taxpayers’ right to vote on them — are undermining proposition 13’s promises of fair, affordable taxes. Learn about recent and unfolding developments, how they affect you, and what you can do to help.

Town Hall with Joe Nation- Video

Click the image to view details of Joe Nation’s slide show from the talk.