COST Video Forum Congressional District 2 California

This Q&A webinar, hosted by the Coalition of Sensible Taxpayers, provides an excellent opportunity to learn about the candidates running for the United States Congress District 2 seat. Hear from incumbent Congressman Jared Huffman and challengers Chris Coulombe and Tief Gibbs, in this impartial forum moderated by the Honorable Leah T. Wilson, Executive Director of the California Bar Association.

This Forum features all the candidates who filed financial reports with the Federal Election Commission by January 29, 2024 (i.e., those who already have some campaign funding).

Voters should have already received ballots for the March 5 election by the date of this event.

Attendees are invited to submit questions in advance as well as during the forum. The outcome of this election impacts everyone in the county and across the United States.

To sign up for this informational assembly and to suggest questions in advance, please go to our website at

Be smart! This election is important!
Get educated before you vote.


COST Video Forum Congressional District 2 California