Cease and Desist Impending Brown Act Violation for MMWD October 15 Board Meeting

(This demand letter was sent to MMWD’s General Counsel, Mollie MacLean, on October 13, 2021 by CO$T’s attorney.)

Dear Counsel,

On behalf of the Coalition of Sensible Taxpayers, I am writing to demand that the Marin Municipal Water District (“MMWD” or “District”) cease and desist from its impending violation of the Brown Act. Specifically, the District has announced that its Board meeting on Friday will be held during a work day, offsite, and not permit remote public access. Further, the District intends to segregate the unvaccinated—including those with medical conditions that make them both vulnerable to the coronavirus and unable to take the vaccine—in a separate area outside the building in which the meeting will be taking place, denying them equal access to the meeting itself, the board, and District staff in attendance. Immune compromised individuals are effectively excluded altogether from participating because it is unsafe for them to either attend an indoor event or to congregate with an unvaccinated population, and the unvaccinated are most at risk by being in the company of other unvaccinated persons so the event as currently designed creates a public health threat.

To intentionally design a special board meeting that will endanger public health during a pandemic and limit public oversight of the Board during an unprecedented water crisis when the Board is under blistering public scrutiny for its management of the public’s water supply is illegal, unconscionable, and defies common sense. If MMWD does not determine by C.O.B. today, Wednesday, October 13, that all members of the public will be permitted to fully, equally, and safely observe and participate in this Friday’s Board meeting in person or remotely, we will have no choice but to consider filing for injunctive and declaratory relief to stop the violation and publicly hold accountable all those who are responsible.

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Late Breaking Follow up Letter regarding medical segregation at the upcoming MWWD Board Meeting

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CO$T takes the initiative and videotapes the MMWD special meeting.


MMWD 10/15/21 Board Retreat Examined Water Supply Options
CO$T Videotaped the Entire Meeting Because the Water District Didn’t

Link to powerpoint slides here


Cease and Desist Impending Brown Act Violation for MMWD October 15 Board Meeting