The Coalition of Sensible Taxpayers invites you to an MMWD Candidates Zoom Forum

4-5:30pm | Monday, October 10

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November 2022 is the most important Marin Water board election in a generation. The District faces critical decisions after narrowly escaping running out of water in June 2022 (the subject of a June 2022 Marin Civil Grand Jury report). CO$T is hosting an impartially-moderated MMWD Candidate Zoom webinar that provides an outstanding opportunity to learn about the candidates vying for seats on the District board. Three of the five director seats are up for grabs.

The outcome of this election has very important implications for the future of Marin’s water supply, policy and rates, as well as the management of the watershed (with implications for biodiversity, wildfire, and recreation). This impartial forum is moderated by the Marin IJ’s political columnist, Dick Spotswood, with the Marin Coalition’s Scott Pinsky helping select questions. Attendees may submit questions when they register and during the forum. The webinar will proceed in by division. Candidates participating in the webinar and the rough timeline is as follows:

Jack Gibson & Matt SamsonDivision I
(Sleepy Hollow; North San Rafael)
4:00-4:30PM approximately

Larry Bragman, Jack Kenney & Ranjiv KhushDivision III
(Ross Valley)
4:30-5:15PM approximately

Jed SmithDivision IV (Mill Valley; Sausalito)
Shana Katzman declined our invitation
5:15-5:30PM approximately

Find out in which Division you live: Division Map

Be smart! This election is important!
Get educated before you vote.


Learn the Candidates’ Plans to
Address Key Decisions Facing MMWD

Drought & Sufficient Water Supply
Wildfire & Vegetation Management
Affordable Rates
Aging Infrastructure
Recreational Access
Biodiversity & Species Protection

Assess Whether Their Plans Align with Yours!

The Coalition of Sensible Taxpayers invites you to an MMWD Candidates Zoom Forum