Great news!  There are THREE outstanding new candidates running for seats on the Marin Municipal Water District board: Matt Samson (geographic division I), Ranjiv Khush (III), and Jed Smith (IV).  Electing them should lead to decisive action on water supply planning, improved financial management, and a much stronger focus on disaster preparedness.

CO$T is enthusiastically supporting Samson, Khush and Smith.  Each brings something important that is new and necessary to MMWD.  They are not a slate.  But all three are stepping up because MMWD is woefully unprepared for severe drought.  That is the conclusion of a June 2022 Marin Civil Grand Jury report critical of the current MMWD board’s inaction.   Each of these new candidates has strong community support and endorsements from many local leaders.  That’s an important validation of their caliber and the widely recognized need for change at MMWD.

If you live in MMWD territory, the election outcome affects you.  Even if your MMWD representative’s seat is not up for grabs this year, you should get involved.   Donate! Volunteer to knock on doors, host or attend a gathering, place lawn signs, write letters, or anything else that helps!  To learn more, get regular updates, and/or sign up to help, please visit the candidates’ websites below.  You may also email us at info@costmarin.org for more information as well as ideas about how you can help.

The 3 candidates we’re excited about are:

  • Matt Samson – Division I – As a Deputy Fire Chief, Matt knows that thorough preparation and decisive action prevents bad outcomes. Having lived most of his life in Terra Linda – where his two young daughters are now growing up – Matt is committed to better securing our water supply and the fire-resilience of our watershed. He’s a quick study, digs deep, and will ensure we have sufficient water for current and future generations. Matt is running against 28-year incumbent Jack Gibson. The division includes Sleepy Hollow, Terra Linda, Lucas Valley, Marinwood, Dominican, Civic Center, and Santa Venetia. To learn more and get involved, click the button below.
Matt Samson – Division I
  • Ranjiv Khush – Division III –  PhD water scientist Ranjiv founded a nonprofit that brings clean water and sanitation to the developing world.  When Marin Water was on track to run dry, Ranjiv recognized this was the result of a water planning failure that he could help address as a Director.  Ranjiv’s expertise will help ensure an ample water supply in the face of drought and climate change and that any decisions carefully weigh the environmental and financial costs.  The division – currently represented by 8 year incumbent, lawyer Larry Bragman – includes San Geronimo, Fairfax, Ross, San Anselmo, Kentfield, and parts of Greenbrae/Larkspur. To learn more and get involved, click the button below.
Ranjiv Khush – Division III
  • Jed Smith – Division IV – Jed’s election would bring valuable – and much-needed – financial and organizational expertise to MMWD. Jed has a successful track record leading companies and nonprofits, many larger and more complex than our water district. Jed will make sure our money is spent wisely and the District makes the right long-term investments in our water supply, infrastructure, and watershed. Division IV includes Mill Valley and Sausalito. There is one other new candidate for this open seat (long-tenured incumbent Cynthia Koehler not running). To learn more and get involved, click the button below.
Jed Smith – Division IV
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