COST Says NO on E

CO$T Endorses Voting NO on Measure E (Flood Zone 1 Parcel Tax)

October 4, 2017

Kentfield, CA: The Coalition of Sensible Taxpayers — a nonprofit non-partisan advocacy group protecting the rights and interests of Marin taxpayers – urges voting NO ON MEASURE E (Flood Zone 1 Parcel Tax).

CO$T gives the proposed tax failing grades on transparency and redundancy.

CO$T’s leadership group deemed Measure E “a tax in search of a reason,” according to CO$T spokeswoman Mimi Willard.
Marin County staff and consultants began legwork on this additional parcel tax in 2015. In the midst of a historic drought, the tax was positioned as supporting habitat projects.

After 2017’s record rainfall – during which highway 37 flooded owing to failure of levees under CalTrans control– Measure E was repositioned as preventing dangerous flooding. Same tax. New reason.
CO$T views habitat restoration and flood protection as worthy projects that would potentially merit an “A” under CO$T’s tax-grading criteria.

But several existing taxes are, or should be, available to fund such projects in Flood Zone 1.
In 2016, voters approved regional Measure AA, the Bay Restoration parcel tax, intended to restore habitat and address rising sea levels in low lying areas such as Flood Zone 1. There are multiple state and local grant programs for flood, levees and water. And the county’s $540 million annual operating budget should prioritize urgent projects.

CO$T commends the No On E campaign’s grassroots taxpayer advocacy efforts that include in-depth document research, financial analysis, handmade lawn signs, a garage sale fundraiser, and a highly informative website : Novato Flood

About CO$T: The Coalition of Sensible Taxpayers advocates on behalf of Marin taxpayers, who deserve a seat at the table. CO$T has over 500 engaged supporters; organizes participation in public hearings; hosts educational events and public fora; and has opinion pieces regularly published by the Marin IJ and MarinPost.

COST Says NO on E
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