COST CSPP Calling for Reforms

July 5, 2017

Dear Elected Official:

The 2017 Civil Grand Jury has issued three reports about unfunded retirement costs, which, of itself, indicates the urgency of the problem.

1. Marin’s Retirement Health Care Benefits

2. The Budget Squeeze: How Will Marin Fund Its Public Employee Pensions

3. The Big Picture: Funding Marin’s Public Employee Pensions and Retirement Health Care Benefits.

The Coalition of Sensible Taxpayers (CO$T) joins the authors of the Civil Grand Jury reports and the members of Citizens for Sustainable Pension Plans (CSPP) in calling for reforms

CO$T members know from experience that unfunded pension and post-employment health benefits obligations are prompting municipalities, schools, and special districts to seek tax and rate increases — often in glossy language that hides the true reason for the increase. Our mission is to inform ratepayers about taxes and fees that are unaffordable, unfair, lack transparency, or are forcing cuts to services.

CO$T encourages you to endorse the Grand Jury recommendations and take bold and immediate steps to reform the unsustainable pension and post-employment health care system that is undercutting government services.



Mimi Willard, Carsten Andersen, Doug Kelly, Susan Kirsch & Paul Premo


Sent to these elected officials:

Marin County Supervisors and County Administrator

Damon Connolly

Judy Arnold

Dennis Rodoni

Katie Rice

Kate Sears

Matthew Hymel

Governor Jerry Brown:

Congressman Jared Huffman:;

State Assembly Marc Levine:

State Senator Mike McGuire:


Copies Sent to:

Marin Independent Journal Opinion Page Editor Brad Breithaupt:

Marin Independent Journal Columnist Dick Spotswood:

Marin Post:

Marin County Grand Jury Foreman Jay Hamilton-Roth:

Marin County Grand Jurors’ Association President Jack Nixon:


COST CSPP Calling for Reforms