CO$T’s mission is to protect the rights and interests of Marin taxpayers.

CO$T aims to:
1. Keep taxes and fees on housing and basic services affordable.
2. Prevent local taxes from growing faster than residents’ incomes.
3. Align elected officials’ spending priorities with taxpayers’ interests.
4. Educate voters about the true impact of proposed new and renewed tax measures, including the full cost over the lifetime of the tax and full disclosure of for what the funds will actually be used.
5. Ensure tax measures are fair and equitable and approved by those who will be paying.

CO$T’s activities include:

Alert voters to anticipated new and renewed taxes and fees
Evaluate proposed taxes based on need, cost-effectiveness, transparency and financial sustainability.
Monitor public spending to identify cost-effective alternatives to more taxes.
Educate voters and public officials about our local tax policies’ impact and the options.

CO$T is a nonpartisan group of dedicated volunteers, led by a Core Group with substantial help from our Advisory Board.