The Coalition of Sensible Taxpayers urges San Anselmo residents to vote YES on the Memorial Park Tax measure that is on the November 5, 2019 general election ballot.

We believe Measure M provides the greatest possible fairness in funding a needed renovation and future maintenance of San Anselmo’s popular, heavily-used Memorial Park. The renovated park should be more attractive and have safer surfaces and improved disability access.

CO$T commends San Anselmo for its proactive, collaborative approach to the tax measure for this vital community resource.

San Anselmo worked diligently to find a fair funding approach. In this effort, they sought input from CO$T and made several changes to the tax measure to conform with CO$T’s “sensible tax criteria.” CO$T commends San Anselmo’s exemplary efforts for a fairer tax, including:

  • November general election date rather than a special election (which typically has low turnout and can be used to select a favorable electorate),
  • Per dwelling unit assessment rather than a flat parcel tax. This assures buy-in from renter-voter-residents who will benefit from this highly popular public resource.
  • 50% senior discount. This novel feature, suggested by CO$T, ensures senior resident-voters participate to some extent in the funding while accommodating their more limited financial flexibility. Measure M funds a park redesign with elements intended to attract more seniors.
  • Thirty year term rather than perpetual tax. Voters deserve a chance to periodically reassess tax levies, need, and use.
  • No inflators on the $98 annual tax.

CO$T hopes that the final elements of the Memorial Park renovation proposal and funding mechanism are ones that garner community and voter approval. While we always wish that existing funds could suffice, we believe the Memorial Park plan is as fair and affordable as possible and that the project is worthwhile.

CO$T encourages San Anselmo residents to vote YES on Measure M.

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