Help Pry California from Special Interests’ Grip!

Help Pry California from Special Interests’ Grip!

“Govern for California’s David Crane Has a Plan”

Webinar for CO$T & GFC Supporters

Wednesday, September 22, 10 am

Special interests’ money gets state and local politicians elected. They get what they pay for. We get runaway expenditures, higher taxes and declining services.

GFC President David Crane — public policy expert and good governance advocate – is leading a masterly campaign to get California off this unsustainable trajectory and our politicians back to representing the public interest. GFC is levelling the playing field by putting serious money behind responsible candidates and advancing its own legislative initiatives that put ordinary Californians’ interests first. Crane is an authority on government finance, accounting, pension liability, and how the sausage gets made in Sacramento.

Join us for the Coalition of Sensible Taxpayers’ webinar featuring GFC. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more and ask David questions about GFC’s game plan.

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About David Crane

David Crane, President of Govern for California, addressed CO$T’s 2018 Fall Forum with a rousing call to action and Q&A about “What They Don’t Want You to Know about Taxes, Pensions, Public Education and Services.

From 2004-2010 he served as a special adviser to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and from 1979-2003 he was a partner at Babcock & Brown, a financial services company. David also serves on the board of the Goldman School of Public Policy at the University of California and formerly served on the University of California Board of Regents and as a director of the California State Teachers Retirement System, Environmental Defense Fund, and the Volcker-Ravitch Task Force on the State Budget Crisis. He is a lecturer in Public Policy at Stanford University.

Help Pry California from Special Interests’ Grip!